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Apple Academy Sharing Happiness with Cancer Warrior in RSAB Harapan Kita

Date :
 11 December 2019

Location :
RSAB Harapan Kita – South Jakarta

Time : 10am – 12pm

A group of Apple Developer Academy @BINUS students is working on a mobile app that helps cancer patients to manage the side effects of chemotherapy. Not to mention, Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, was also a cancer patient, which motivates them even more.

We YKAI helped to connect the students to their target users, chemotherapy patients and their carers.

YKAI and the students visited chemotherapy patients in Harapan Kita hospital and held fun activities; such as origami competition, singing competition, patient interviews, and even focus group discussions with the nurses.

“We are very grateful for the opportunity to talk, exchange laughs, and have a good time with the patients. Most importantly, we were able to genuinely connect with the patients by listening to their ups and downs during chemotherapy” said Aland, an Apple Developer Academy student.

YKAI hopes that this event will lead to the birth of the first Indonesian mobile app that can truly help cancer patients.